Nutty Cheesecake bites

This is from a recipe I found online – they used sweetener and hazelnut essence (which I’ve not found in Cape Town – let me know if you find it!) so I’ve switched things around and it is very yummy. It was inspired by my dear friend Justine, who is 7 months pregnant – we went out for lunch and ordered the hazelnut truffles, and when they arrived they were covered in coconut – she painstakingly picked off all the coconut, and I got the inspiration to make her some coconut free hazelnut truffles! She loves cheese – so I thought these would be a winner (I am still waiting on her feedback but I really enjoyed them!)



  • 1 tub Simonsberg plain cream cheese (leave it to warm up slightly on the counter to help soften for about 10 minutes)
  • 1/4 cup coco powder
  • 2T honey (or more to taste)
  • 1T almond essence (or use 1t if you don’t like the almond flavour to be too strong)
  • 50g hazelnut (about half a packet) – chopped up


  • Mix the cream cheese, coco powder, honey and essence together
  • Once it is all combined, spoon a heaped teaspoon onto the chopped hazelnut
  • Roll the ball around in the hazelnuts
  • Place on a plate, and pop into the fridge to set
  • ENJOY@

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