Banting Pizza

This weekend I was in a pizza mood, but I pizza I could eat with my hands, not using a knife and fork. Quite a challenge when you are banting!

I used the banting basket’s pre-mix pizza, which you just add 1 egg per pizza to. Once it formed a ball, I rolled it out SUPER thinly between 2 pieces of cling wrap, and baked it at 220* for about 5 minutes each side.



  • 1 cup banting basket’s pre-mix pizza
  • 1 egg
  • homemade tomato sauce
  • pizza toppings
  • cheese



  • Mix the pre-mix with the egg
  • Once it has formed a ball, roll out really thinly between 2 pieces of cling wrap
  • Bake at 220* for 5 minutes on EACH side
  • Add tomato sauce, toppings and cheese and bake for another 7-10 minutes (until cheese is starting to brown)


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