banting enchiladas


I used to love enchiladas – and it was all I felt like this evening, tough when you are Banting and off dairy… But turns out it was rather simple to make a super delicious Banting / paleo version that is as nice if not yummier than the original!


ingredients for the “enchilada wraps” (serves 2)

  • 4 egg whites
  • 2t coconut milk

directions for the wraps

  • Beat the egg whites with the coconut milk
  • Heat a frying pan to medium/hot
  • Pour 1/4 the mixture into the pan and swirl around until it is coating the bottom of the pan
  • Put a lid on the pan, and let it cook for about 1 minute
  • Lift out with a spatula

ingredients for the enchilada sauce


  • 2 chicken breasts, seasoned
  • 1 tin chilli tomatoes (or normal tomatoes if you prefer)
  • 1t honey
  • 1T cajun spice
  • salt and pepper
  • few drops of smoked tabasco
  • olive oil / coconut oil

directions for the sauce

  • Heat a pan to medium/hot and fry the chicken in a little olive oil/coconut oil for about a minute per side (just to brown it a bit)
  • Add the tomatoes, honey, tabasco and cajun spice
  • Reduce heat to medium and put the lid on and leave to simmer for about 15 minutes (just check your chicken is cooked)
  • Remove chicken from the sauce and shred it between 2 forks
  • Mix the shredded chicken with the sauce

Fill the wraps with your enchilada chicken mix, top with fresh guacamole, jalapenos and a little more enchilada sauce


*Because I am dairy free at the moment I made cashew nut sour cream by blending 1 cup of soaked (for 4 hours) and drained cashews with 1/3 cup water, 1t lemon juice and 1t honey


2 thoughts on “banting enchiladas

  1. Wanda Malan says:


    I am new to the Banting diet plan. I started off with The Food Revolution written by Prof Tim Noakes. I understand from that book – lots of recipes included – that I am allowed dairy AND on top of it all FULL CREAM PRODUCTS! This is quite worrying as it is as I am into Banting to try and lose 10kg of weight and I went through my whole 65 years of life believing that fat causes weight gain and carbs – as in bread – are needed for energy, etc., etc.

    Now I am quite confused after reading the Enchillada recipe and The Banting Cook’s comment that she is ‘dairy free at the moment’.

    Kindly advise about the dairy thing,


    Wanda Malan
    Dana Bay
    South Africa


    • francescapac says:

      Hi Wanda, please don’t be worried about my dairy free diet at the moment – I have arthritis and dairy can cause inflammation, so for my personal situation I have chosen to cut it out for a few months. For most people dairy is not a problem and you can eat full cream yoghurt, cream and cheese! Fat DOES NOT cause weight gain! Excessive intake of carbs and sugars is stored in your body as fat. So eat your banting enchiladas with sour cream and cheese and enjoy!


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