Restaurant Reviews

I thought I would compile a list of Banting friendly restaurants I visit and let you know what I order that is Banting Friendly – always helpful to know.


You know when you suddenly realise JUST HOW MUCH you eat out? I’m having that realisation right now….

Anyway, last night I went to the Hussar Grill in Steenberg (it’s halfway between my boyfriend and I). Neither of us eat read meat, but they make great fish and chicken options. I had the chicken with chocolate chilli sauce, ditched the mash and added the veg (butternut and spinach). Very yummy. And really warmed me up on a cold Wintery night!


Last night I went to Borrusos, which has always been a favourite with my friends. I used to love their pizzas, pre-banting days, and I was feeling a little sorry for myself at the thought of a salad on such a cold night, but they’ve added banting bases to their menus! It’s an extra R30 but well worth it I think. It’s got quite a specific flavour (flaxseeds I think?!) but it’s holdable and not soggy, thank goodness. Quite different from the Col’Cachio bases!

I always order half / half when I can, so last night I had Jamaican and No 1 Special with bacon instead of salami, total winner!


I went to the Toad at Josephine for a work lunch last week, and I had the GREATEST salad! I ordered the Cajun Chicken Salad with bacon, avocado, and camembert (and changed the camembert for Goats Cheese). It was so delicious and so many toppings, not just a bowl of leaves (my worst). High Five to the Toad!


I went to Col’Cacchio’s on Friday and they make banting pizza bases. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan as they’re too mushy for me. But they do such great salads (Avellino is my best)  there, so that’s a great option.


I’m rather addicted to the Beetroot Woolloomooloo and they’re happy to swap out the mash for sweet potato fries, which are delicious!

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Reviews

  1. magda says:

    I saw in one of your recipes that you bought flax spagetti somewhere in cape town. Can you pleas give me the shops name and where is it situated. Thanx


  2. Michela says:

    rossa broadacres Fourways will be opening officially by the end of the month and they have added banting to their menu it will be nice if you can come through and try it…..


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